Create a slideshow with pictures of your Christmas and New Year’s celebrations

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The after-Christmas period starts right now and a lot of memories come with it, immortalized by the camera: the turkey that is even more beautiful than the last years, your cousins in their best dresses, sparkling presents under the Christmas tree. Extend the pleasure by sharing your best pictures and creating a collaborative slideshow.

Import your photos from the social networks

You can synchronize your Glowbl account with the social networks and import easily contents from your Facebook, Google+ and Instagram photo albums. If you are one of those who like to keep their pictures on a Dropbox or the PC – no problem! You can easily upload your pictures with the collaborative Doc Reader application.

Create a collaborative and interactive slideshowPatchwork-de-photos-de-famille_Facebook-1200-x-900-px

Around the virtual table which is visible by all participants in the same time, everyone can add pictures to the collaborative list to create a common portfolio that you can go through just the way you like it. As though you were sitting around a photo album on your knees, everyone sees the photos in the same time and can react, comment and laugh.

It’s your turn! Create your LiveStage, invite friends and family and share all your photos during a collaborative slideshow!

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