Final exams 2015: The advantage of learning in groups without the inconveniences

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One thing is certain: There is no magic potion to make it through the final exams. The best solution is to work regularly throughout the whole year. All fine, but several days before the exams you notice that you – again – didn’t have enough time to study. So why not revise together with your friends but without the inconveniences?

In his work Build and keep motivation, Georges Chappaz explains that the best way to learn is the “interaction of brains”, which has a “stimulating effect on integrating information”. What luck that Glowbl offers exactly that: meet and interact together around the content of your choice without being at the same place. There is no need to be isolated in a room to study but being under best circumstances is necessary to be motivated.

No matter if you’re in your room, your grandparent’s house far from everything, or even in a monastery; as long as you have an Internet connection you can create your LiveStage and invite your colleagues for study sessions! Prepare a planning and meet every day at the same time. Nice extra: All documents you uploaded during your last sessions are stored on your LiveStage!

Bac-2015-FacebookOn Glowbl you can import all lectures that are on your PC or Dropbox and go them through with the Doc Reader application. Ideal to read a paragraph in group, especially because you can use the mouse pointer not to lose your colleagues. Each one of you can prepare in advance the chapters they want to revise thanks to the Snapshot system. You can allocate roles: one is the animator with webcam, the others can answer directly per chat and videoconference. Those who are worried about their level in Spanish or German can even share a YouTube or Vimeo video to practise their pronunciation.

Another option is to just connect all together, switch on the sound if you want to share your ideas and switch it off if you need to concentrate. You’ll never feel alone and have mutual support.

Create your LiveStage to keep your social life even during your revisions, invite your friends per mail or Facebook and organize your study workshops!

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