Glowbl is back from CES 2018

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The CES, which was held from 9 to 12 January in Las Vegas was a first time for our start-up. Taking part to the unmissable global event for next-generation innovations was a great experience. It has been very positive for the goals we had set up for us and we have learnt a lot.

Eureka Park is popular…

Integrated to the French delegation, we were lucky to see how strong the French representation was in this huge hall dedicated to innovative start-ups. Just behind the USA, French booths received a constant flow of visits.


… And so is our solution

In one of the French aisles, we designed a booth customized to the colors of Glowbl and to WeShopping. The show was actually the opportunity to present this brand-new use case of our solution. Thanks to video demos, visitors who were looking for innovations to integrate into their strategies were enthusiastic about our idea.

Glowbl already knows how to share all kinds of content without screen sharing (documents, videos, software…) mostly for BtoB events such as virtual classes, webinars, online customer relationship and online meetings. Now, we wish to bring to any merchant websites the collaborative experience to offer to their customers a new way of shopping online: making choices in group while going through the website and items, just like they would do this in a real store.




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