Music: 1st event in partnership with MN2S on Friday, 2/27

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Join us on Glowbl for an entertaining Friday afternoon with a live Q&A from the MN2S agency office. UK producer and artist Ansome will be there as a special guest!

Ansome will talk about his upcoming gigs, including the 10 Years of Perc Trax event next Saturday in London as well as his news releases, including future plans for the SLAM label.

MN2S_logoGlowbl and MN2S will be celebrating their very first interactive event as new partners. MN2S is an international talent booking agency, global music distributor and label management company based in London. They operate in over 100 countries, working with a diversity of celebrities, sports personalities, music artists, DJs, producers and independent labels.

Join on Glowbl on Friday the 27th of February – 2pm (GMT time):

Find out more on MN2S agency and have a look at Ansome artist page!

Visit and share your best SoundCloud tracks on a dedicated LiveStage!

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