New year, new website, new platform, new design!

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2015 is set to be a landmark year for Glowbl on several different aspects. We are launching a completely redesigned, reorganized and restructured website to better display the new platform and improve user experience. Find out what’s going to change for the best to help you create even more easily your interactive online events.

Change is everywhere: a new website and a new collaborative platform. They become richer with additional contents to guide all way long the user. LiveStages have been improved and the modern design offers a fresh common theme.

See that surfing> on Glowbl is being easier, you can do anything you want on your own without requesting any support.

Design is getting ahead

Website and platform’s graphic reworking and upgrade announces a coming new era for Glowbl. This new era will be as much about what we call “flat design”. It means more simple, clean, spacious and above all understandable. We considered this first step as essential before creating richer contents.
Find below some major elements that have been redesigned by our in-house graphic design team.
As much in substance as in form, we wanted the style to be more “social” with a more human experience.

Logo : it has not been redrawn and the white/purple bicolor concept is still part of the overall identity. We’ve just chosen to make it smoother with a pastel purple color that fits better the social networks’ universe.

logo tagline
Images : the home page as well as the sub-home pages include background images and videos.

Content : new sub-home pages explaining hopes, added value and the way to use the platform have been integrated.
But the real change in your experience on Glowbl regards the full restructuration of the interface dedicated to online events. Ergonomics have been improved and we are happy to present a more human and intuitive navigation. You can now access to a multitude of features directly by clicking on the toolbar. No more long menus and tabs!


Toolbar : with a direct access from the main navigation top menu, functionalities can be enjoyed rapidly, such as shared content and easy-to-manage contacts online on the LiveStage.

Menu dedicated to administration : the menu with personal account information is now visible in a drop-down menu on the left of the screen.“Glowbl” tools and “Account admin” are now clearly separated.
Webcam / micro : set up is easier thanks to a new webcam wizard that has been developed to support independent users when they connect for the first time.
Profile / friends / invitations : personal data is now easy-to-access from the toolbar. It is also now possible to send invitations through emails and social networks directly from the same toolbar.

Live tweet / highlight tweet : connection and live community sharing to social networks Facebook and Twitter have been improved. They are top features!

From now on, moderate tweets by “highlighting” the relevant ones. Display a “star” tweet wall during events to feed Speakers’ presentations. Private and group chat function as well as the movement of the Bubbles around the contents don’t change.

“Tech”, more than ever

From a technical viewpoint, work has been tough and gives us good surprises! Applying the new design has requested long hours. Our development team has been working for several weeks and months to reveal the new features to the website and the platform on which you can set up online interactive events with a large range of tools at your disposal.

Here are some secrets about that:

Webcam quality : image quality during videoconference has been strongly optimized to offer high-level quality and easy use. The new wizard actually helps a lot.

To go further, the camera requires less resources from the computer and can function smoothly in main situations. As a matter of fact, our new system picks the best configuration according to more or less restrictive networks. For example, there is no longer obstacle to display webcam images in companies imposing strict IT rules.

High pixel density screens : Apple addicts and owners of a MacBook Pro will be happy to know that the interface is now fully compatible with high pixel density screens such as Retina ones, to offer excellent image quality. Isn’t essential for high-standard events?


Unlimited users online : Glowbl keeps on developing the concept enabling to gather an unilimited number of participants on a LiveStage. This patented innovation allows interactive content to multiply according to the number of connected participants.

Collaborative apps : they are the new interface’s very essence. They allow you to upload your YouTube videos and SoundCloud music directly on Glowbl. To be able to integrate such apps, we use Application Programming Interfaces called API that include lists of various features.

Many other innovations will be announced in the next few weeks and months. Among them, data security, news apps and features to share any kind of contents with your friends, even on mobile!

Get Ready to discover the new platform by yourself. Check out on


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