Tutorial: Spotlight a speaker during an online event

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Our new feature Spotlight gives you the chance to create your own Web TV, become director of broadcasted content on a LiveStage and put a person into spotlight in order to give them maximal visibility at the heart of the audience.

What is Spotlight?
The name is a combination of the words spot and highlight as the function allows you to place the content of a webcam in the middle of the application on Glowbl. In just a few clicks you can highlight a speaker who is communicating via video conference in their bubble, show them in big, representing the content that all participants share, see and comment on in real time. It’s the ideal way to value a participant, an artist, a blogger or simply yourself.


Only LiveStage administrators have the rights to start the Spotlight Menu and thus to highlight participants.

The function can be applied on users who have the necessary rights: they need to be Speakers to be spotlighted. How recognizing them? They are represented by a big bubble and they use webcam and microphone.

Step by step: How to spotlight a Speaker

1. Once you’re connected on the LiveStage, select the microphone icon that you’ll find on the top right hand of the header, then open the Spotlight Menu.


Attention: For being able to open the Spotlight Menu, it’s necessary that a content sharing application is already in the center of the LiveStage (e.g. Doc Reader, YouTube, Instagram, Screen sharing…)

2. Click on “Pin a speaker” to see a list of all Speakers who can be spotlighted on the LiveStage.


3. Choose the Speaker you’d like to spotlight and click on their image to display their webcam in the center of the LiveStage.


Note: It’s possible to spot up to 10 speakers simultaneously.


4. To take a Speaker off the spotlight, just click on their image in the menu on the right.


Note: You can stop the spotlight and take off all speakers in the same time by clicking on “Stop streaming speaker on the application” to come back to the earlier shared content.


Understanding the Spotlight

Spotlight offers a supplementary technique to animate your online event. While spotlighting a Speaker you’re covering temporarily the content that was shared on your application: it can be a PDF document imported with Doc Reader, a picture from your Facebook account or a YouTube video. Consequently, videos, music or livestreams continue to be broadcasted. We therefore recommend to put any audio content in pause before spotlighting a participant.

Go ahead, create your LiveStage!

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