Glowbl’s solutions on the “HR and collaboration solutions” trade show

During the three days at “HR and collaboration solutions” trade show from March 24-26 in Paris, we’ve exchanged with companies of every size that were seeking for new tools to make communication for both their salaries and also daily activities easier and more collaborative.

Glowbl offers a simple platform that can be integrated into any digital corporate tools, e.g. website, intranet or the social network of the company. It is used regularly and autonomically by independent workers and smallest structures to respond to the challenges of digitalization in organizations.

The Glowbl team had the possibility to advise big companies, SMEs or very small companies, but also professional trade unions or consulting offices on the ways of communication in teams. Of course, training and e-learning represented an interesting environment for us to position Glowbl with HR departments, associations and even schools or universities. Glowbl develops an expertise in these domains and limits certain options according to the needs of IT managers: to limit use and access, to encrypt and extract data.

intranet-collaboratif_photo_outilsThe HR trade show gathers a very qualified audience with precise needs for which we have the response, e.g. by giving workers the possibility to create their own virtual meeting space. Our team had the pleasure to deepen concrete problems and to make people understand in what extent Glowbl meets their expectations on varied uses: videoconference, team meetings, online training, webinars and many more… when it comes to starting from zero concerning collaborative working or to be the interactive feature of their existing solution.

Our differentiated advantages are numerous. Thanks to the easy use of Glowbl, a modern design and the concept of bubbles simulating group dynamics in real life, companies can reach a higher level of participation but also improve their change management. Users are curious to try this entertaining solution, to share and interact around a content, no matter what it is. And all this for a competitive price.

Glowbl already collaborates with big groups who want to make their teams benefit from our turnkey solution. Every organisation, if global or local, disregarding their industry sector, can find in Glowbl the solution to trade matters, internal communications and human resources.

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