Tutorial: Organizing corporate meetings step by step on Glowbl (3/5)

In companies, associations, administrations, schools and every other organization it is necessary to have regularly meetings. Physical distance should no longer be an obstacle because everything can be simply done online.

Now that you know, thanks to our first tutorials, how to do your first steps on Glowbl and how to share interactive content on your private LiveStage with other participants, you’re able to organize business meetings, accessible only by invited guests. You can invite them on the traditional way per mail or by sharing the URL on social networks like LinkedIn or Yammer.

easyglowbl_cover_tuto 3

With the settings that you define on your platform, you personalize your LiveStage and allocate roles to participants: those who can use video conference, those who can add documents etc. But as always, everyone is seeing the same content at the same time and can interact via private or group messages.

Watch now our new tutorial “Organizing corporate meetings” and create your private LiveStage!


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