Videoconference: How to optimize your meetings before, during and after

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Your teams are spread across the country, making it hard to meet physically? Videoconference is the ideal way to help you out. Interactivity, discussions – videoconference allows you to organize efficient remote meetings for a low price. A camera, a microphone and Internet access are the only things you need.

Before the meeting: prepare the basics

We all have experienced the difficulty to organize a meeting. Booking a room, fixing a time slot, making a planning and considering everyone’s availabilities. Using videoconference makes organizing a meeting an easy task.

No need to book a room; Internet is all you need. With Glowbl you can create your own LiveStage, customize it and make it your meeting room. Time is no longer a constraint, you can talk as long as you want. And another advantage of videoconference is that all participants can connect from their PCs, no need to meet physically. Via webcam you can talk to your colleagues as if you were in the same room. To do so you just have to send an invitation. The participants can access the meeting easily by clicking on the link.

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During the meeting: involve the participants

Videoconferences have a major advantage: to make a meeting interactive and collaborative. Long gone are the days of passive participants who wait to ask questions at the end of the meeting when they already forgot what they wanted to ask.

Videoconference on Glowbl allows to use online collaborations tools. The participants can brainstorm live on a document or ask questions and discuss per chat on the LiveStage they have joined. You can send private or public messages and share documents that are visible for everyone. It is easier to keep the participant’s attention as you involve them; the interactions increase the efficiency of the meeting.

After the meeting: stay in touch

At the end of your meeting the participants can download the documents you’ve shared. As in a real meeting you can stay in touch and talk via chat but also on the social networks. Glowbl allows to synchronize social network accounts with the Glowbl account. This way, it becomes easy to contact other participants and to consult their Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. In contrast to a physical meeting your virtual space remains accessible whenever you want, until your next meeting. Documents stay accessible.

As you see, videoconference is an easy-to-use tool to organize your meetings, efficient and economical in the same time. You can easily stay in touch with employees or external partners of the company and interact as you wish to. Remote meetings but also online seminars, videoconference allows you to organize all kinds of online meetings.

Seduced by videoconference as a solution for organizing your professional meetings? Create your own LiveStage now or get in touch with us to get a demo!

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