Glowbl seminar: team building and happy mood

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A few days ago, the continuously growing Glowbl team came together in Lyon for a two-day company seminar. It was the occasion for everyone to spend convivial moments together while participating in team building sessions.


There is one shared value that keeps the Glowbl team together: team spirit. Joining an innovative startup to reach its ambitious project is a common challenge and pride for Glowbl’s employees.

Therefore, the year’s end workshop has been accepted with enthusiasm and allowed bringing together collaborators from Lyon, Paris, USA and Spain. To start the project, everyone had the chance to reveal some unknown facts about their professional career, their passions or hidden talents. The entire Glowbl team participated in a session to talk about team spirit and taking initiatives in small groups.

01On the second day, we had the pleasure to continue our workshop on board of a boat at Confluence in Lyon, France and enjoyed a good moment together with CEO and founder of Glowbl, Mathieu Labey, who was happy to share positive and fresh news with his team.

During a cocktail lunch, while cruising along the Saône, everyone discussed in the spirit of happiness and good mood. In the evening, an Afterwork Glowbl Bubbles with friends, partners, clients and investors of Glowbl provided a relaxed moment for everyone and a successful final to our workshop.

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