Glowbl video tutorial to host live events or webinars (4/5)

Essential asset of Glowbl is live interaction with an unlimited number of simultaneously connected people. You can easily organize yourself your own live event or interactive webinar.

This tutorial will allow you to apply all usages the platform offers: meeting your contacts on a LiveStage to discuss or share content and reacting in real time, all this during your event. It’s nearly the same as organizing a corporate meeting. This time, you create a public LiveStage, personalize it and allocate roles to every participant: speaker, moderator, guest, spectator…

Tuto4Would you like to promote your brand? Present a personality or star? Broadcast a conference? Thanks to Glowbl you’re able to invite easily a massive public by sharing the LiveStage URL on different social networks. Those will be present in live during the displaying of your documents, videos or pictures that you import from your computer, Dropbox or your social network accounts. And you can even prepare them in advance by adding them to your Snapshots.

The advantage of this tool is that you can involve your public: they can ask the speaker questions in real time per chat and tweet directly from the platform. A community manager can benefit from options like Highlight to promote the best messages.

So, before creating your live event or webinar, watch the tutorial “Host live events on Glowbl”!


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