Tutorial: How to share interactive content on Glowbl (2/5)

To meet and talk online is nice…but we want more! To share pictures or documents makes the whole thing a lot more interesting. On Glowbl, everyone can see  the shared content in real time and interact like in real life.

Once you’re on your LiveStage, surrounded by your friends and contacts, you are represented by a bubble that is able to move and even discuss. And best of all – you can in the same time add content on your virtual table that everyone can see immediately.

Now select the applications menu and the fun can begin: photo albums from Facebook or Instagram, PDF documents imported from your computer or a Dropbox with Doc Reader, YouTube or Vimeo videos and even music via Deezer or SoundCloud.

easyglowbl_tuto 2

The extra: Everyone can play with the content. Search through photo albums, add a song to the collaborative playlist, choose the best parts of a video and many more.

So why not give it a try? Watch our tutorial “Sharing on Glowbl” and have a good time on your LiveStage ready to use YouTube or Instagram!


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