Asia: Glowbl will give visibility to Belong Forum China

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On the 23th and 24th of September, the platform will be used for an interactive approach in Beijing on the occasion of an important event dedicated to sustainable economic intelligence.

TBelongForumChinahe first edition of Belong Forum China will be held in the old French-Chinese university Yishu 8 in Beijing. Two months before the COP21 it will have the objective to create a stable bridge between European and Chinese companies by gathering participants from all over the world. Through a number of concrete examples, it will be necessary to highlight innovative French, European and Chinese companies that unify economic and social benefits while respecting the environment.

By founding the forum program on three pillars, climate change economy, new prosperity and innovation, Nathalie Bastianelli, president of Belong Forum China, makes the following observation: “A multitude of sustainable initiatives have been implemented by visionary leaders but they still stay too scattered and hardly concrete. Know-how without borders deserves to be honored, shared and largely expanded to create new business opportunities.”

Glowbl intervenes in that approach and will be the tool that echoes the new sides of sustainable economy. Its platform offers a new generation of livestream, completely participative and interactive, allowing interested people to follow in live conferences, workshops, pioneer sessions, interventions etc. But above all they can be actors themselves via social networks, as Glowbl integrates them completely.

Belong Forum China will be accessible in one click on Glowbl:

From now on you can have a look at the dedicated LiveStage and find links to social accounts of the event.

Moreover, you can create your Glowbl account in just a few seconds to benefit in real time from all interaction features. Don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter not to miss live information announcing the event on 23 and 24 September.

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