COP21: Place to B connects with Paris-Le Bourget every day at 10am (Paris time) in duplex on Glowbl

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Glowbl has been selected as live platform for the event Place to B, labeled COP21, and will host until the 12th December an interactive Web TV to give everyone the opportunity to follow the program from distance. A daily meeting keeps the public up to date with all important news from COP21.

Glowbl is at service for this initiative, sponsored by personalities like Nicolas Hulot and the journalists Anne-Cécile Bras and Stéphane Paoli, to make Place to B event more interactive and also a safer place regarding the latest events in Paris. The place of encounter installed at Belushi’s in Paris will gather more than 1,200 narrators from the entire world. You can, in just one click, join the community of journalists, bloggers, illustrators, graphic designers, web developers, photographers, storytellers etc. on a dedicated LiveStage.

Among the highlights on Glowbl during those two weeks, the daily morning show “Brief from Le Bourget” launches the beginning of each of those 100 % connected days. From 10am to 10:30am (Paris time), the duplex can be seen on big screen at Belushi’s and at the same time for everyone online: the schedule of the day, events and news from COP21.

Place to B live is completely free! You can react per chat or live tweet in real time and get in touch with connected people:

Place2be_brief bourget_011215

More information about the PR Partnership between Glowbl and Place to B.

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