Relive your ski trip with your friends

You love to stay connected even when you’re on a ski trip and to bombard your friends with pictures and videos that you post on your social networks? Extend the pleasure on a LiveStage and relive the best moments. Comment together and see the live reactions of your friends!

The trail, the chair lift, your best jump, the raclette in the evening: All this posted on your social networks to share these moments of joy with all of your friends and remembering the best moments with them.

Online meeting space

Extend your pleasure by creating your LiveStage to invite all your friends. Start your webcam and admire your friend’s weird tan provoked by the ski mask. Laughter guaranteed! Everyone connects in just one click via the URL that you’ll have sent or via the social networks.



Share your pictures and videos

Once you’re on the LiveStage, use without limits the collaborative applications that are directly accessible. You posted your best pictures on Facebook, Instagram or Google+ and your best videos on YouTube? No problem! Those are, amongst others, social networks that can be synchronized with Glowbl. From your LiveStage you can directly go through your albums and choose the videos and photos that you’d like to show to all participants. A playlist will be created and everyone can add their contents, all by reacting in real time.

Now it’s your turn. Create your LiveStage, give it a name inspired by the colors of the mountains and the ski and then invite your friends to relive your best moments in the snow!

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