Webinars on Glowbl dedicated to ethical topics to promote the French Cuisine Festival

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To promote the French Cuisine Festival 2015, webinars dedicated to the art of cooking and ethical consumption will soon be held on Glowbl. Using a 100% online collaborative tool is even more relevant for a social responsibility campaign.

ArtworkPromote the event with an event

Since a few weeks Glowbl prepares a nice event for September hand in hand with a French association called Les Amis de la Fête de la Gastronomie (meaning the Friends of French Cuisine Festival). The association, created by Claude Carat, has vocation to make the French Cuisine Festival known at national and international level. It was founded in 2011 when the French kitchen has been registered as cultural heritage by the UNESCO. That’s how it all began.

For three days, from 25 to 27 September 2015, 1,282 events are planned throughout France to valorize participants of the sector, know-how and the quality of our local products.

Les Amis de la Fête de la Gastronomie intervene before the event by holding a series of webinars on Glowbl in order to promote this important national festival. From 14 to 21 September, the association will offer events and interventions on Glowbl about gastronomy, regional products, ethics, agriculture, the environment…

A generous and interactive program

Motivated by the desire to act, to structure and to create sustainable projects together, the organizers let their thoughts on those topics influence their webinars. We are happy to announce the participants who will hold webinars of 30 minutes, composed by a presentation, followed by questions & answers while users can ask their questions directly on Glowbl in real time:

  • Anne Huguet: Director of Prioriterre, a French association to reduce the environmental footprint and to protect natural resources
  • Sophie Guillemin:  Community Manager of M ton Marché, first online community to localize markets in France
  • Valentin Luiggi: Member of Colibris 69, a French citizen movement
  • Caroline Pichereau: President of Autentik Wines, a commercial agency to distribute and resell wines and local products
  • Pascal Bordat: Co-founder of VoulezVousDîner, a global and multilingual platform for booking home dinners

Additional guests and interventions will be part of the precise program that will be revealed at the end of August. Everyone will be able to access the webinars for free, ask questions in real time and meet other gastronomy, wine or ethical consumption fans online.

See you soon on Glowbl!

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