Choose your Christmas gifts online together with friends

The race for the best presents has begun! Save time by creating your gift list together with friends by discussing online and sharing pictures. Group gifts have never been found that easily!

Group gifts: how to make life easier?Shopping_noel_Facebook-1200-x-900-px

Talking about endless conversations per mail or social networks to agree on a present for parents, brothers & sisters, uncles & aunts…does that sound familiar? We think this is a loss of time and since Glowbl – unnecessary!


Stop making life complicated and meet once and for all together online to make your choices. Invite everyone who will take part to your Glowbl LiveStage and compare your ideas as if you were in the same room. Efficiency guaranteed! The initiator of your discussion can share the URL of your online space or invite others via mail or Facebook and Twitter.

Now switch on your webcam and micro and let the negotiations begin!

Highlight your ideas with pictures

Once everyone is connected the discussion can start. Each person proposes their gift ideas: a curling iron for mum, towels for grandma, a tie for uncle Jerry…All fine, but what if one person is imagining a red silk tie and the other one a blue one made of wool?

Well, for this we have a secret – our collaborative applications! You can share easily pictures with everyone thanks to the Doc Reader, Instagram or Facebook apps or videos with the YouTube app. Everyone sees the same content and can react in real time to make a common decision.

That’s it! All you have to do now is to decide online together who is going to buy the gifts.
Don’t wait any longer to create your LiveStage to prepare your wish list for Christmas!

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