Create your LiveStage to exchange clothes

The period of sales has begun. But as always during this time of the year, you don’t have a penny left to spend. And anyway, your closet is full of clothes that you no longer wear. Therefore, do something and enjoy the pleasure of creating an online space where you can offer clothes to your friends in exchange for other items!

The LiveStage: Your online showroom

Arrange your LiveStage as if you received your friends at home for a clothes exchange: prepare pictures of the clothes you want to offer, import them from your PC or Dropbox with the Doc Reader application or from Facebook, Google+ or Instagram, and save them in your Snapshots. Afterwards you can broadcast them very easily, visible for every participant.

Invite your friends to do the same! Bring them together for your clothes exchange via email or by sharing the URL of the LiveStage on your social networks.

Present your garments and negotiate

Once everybody is online, turn on your webcam and microphone to discuss and interact as if you were together in a showroom. By the way, thanks to the Spotlight feature everyone can be in the center of the LiveStage to present themselves and show the clothes they want to exchange. You can easily switch back to your pictures afterwards.

Negotiate live!



– “Look at this girls! I no longer wear this jacket, someone interested?“

– Me!! I exchange it with my black cardigan!

– Perfect! I’ll bring the jacket tomorrow for university.

– Great! See you tomorrow!”

Get started now on a LiveStage and invite your friends!

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