How to prepare your vacation (1/4): Design a road trip with your friends

We’re all dreaming of doing a road trip across the country with our best friends… But before getting started, you have to agree together on many points e.g. which places to visit.

A real challenge: Planning a road trip togetherRoadTrip-Article

One is living in Paris, the other one is doing an internship in London and another one is visiting his sister in Thailand. But your trip through Europe is supposed to start in less than a month. You’re all highly motivated and excited, the only problem: you didn’t have the time to define the itineraries of your travel. What a disaster! To be honest, it’s not a question of time. It’s nothing but a question of practicality. Yes, it’s not easy to define important points when you’re apart, by making email lists and waiting for the others to respond sooner or later.

We’d prefer being all together for the organization of the travel, talking about our ideas and drawing our itineraries in the same time.

Maps app for your rescue!

Thanks to its apps store, Glowbl makes every service collaborative, including the planning of an itinerary with Maps. Travellers connect together and interact in the same time on the world map by defining interesting places. Like this you create a road map with several stops. The advantage is that you can work on it in real time without waiting for a response per mail or phone. Everyone can comment directly on your propositions, per live chat or videoconference, what makes the whole thing funny and productive.

Test easily the collaborative set up of your road trip with friends by creating a LiveStage and using the Maps application.

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