How to prepare your vacation (2/4): Use word of mouth with eyes to get inspired

Nowadays travelers write travel diaries, talk on social networks about their vacation and share their experiences. They influence others and give reliable information. But the best is still to get together directly to discuss in real time about your next holidays or road trip.

Looking for inspiration

In the age of the Internet we look back on several generations of connected travelers that search through all kinds of travel sites or special forums to find the best idea, the place to be in the summer. Moreover, according to a survey of Facebook and the Sparkler Institute in 2014, 67% of the French people declare that their friend’s and family’s holidays are a source of inspiration for their own vacation. In particular, they appreciate scrolling through Facebook photo albums and dream of heavenly spots they never even dared thinking about before.

From mouth to ear

The choice of destinations is so large and there are so many possibilities that we love to ask our friends for their recommendations and the best spots, even if we already have them as pictures on our social networks. On Glowbl it is possible to do everything in the same time: discuss per videoconference, share pictures of your Facebook or Instagram accounts and react in real time to your friends’ propositions. And by the way: If you want to talk in private to your neighbour, you just have to click on his bubble and have a little chat.


The aim is of to benefit from the expertise of your network, from the friends of your own friends and to meet new people that share the same passion for a town, region or country. You can meet an unlimited number of participants on your LiveStage and discuss per webcam with up to 10 friends.

You have a precise idea of where to go for your next vacation? Invite your Facebook and Twitter friends who were already there or maybe even live in that place, directly from the platform. Helpful advice and recommendations guaranteed!

Invite inspiring travelers to your LiveStage and discuss with them in real time!

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