How to prepare your vacation (4/4) : Compare your quotes to get started quickly

While planning a journey, we love to have our trips and activities organized before. But to agree on activities and taking action to pay those is an effort and sometimes even a torture. That’s why you rather don’t waste your time and decide quickly and well with your travel companions about the services you want to take.

The puzzle of quotes between friends

If you’re going on vacation with friends, everyone has their own expectations and desires: whether to let a travel operator plan the entire trip or book the activities step by step. Proceeding like this, the group is fast getting drowned under a pile of quotes, sometimes under several propositions. In the past, each person transferred the quote they received for all inclusive vacations, car rental, hotels or the booking of a boat trip for example per mail to their friends. This doesn’t only create tensions, you’re also losing time by comparing everyone on your own the different propositions and services.

Reduce thinking and decision making time

Today we no longer want to work this way. We want to resolve the problem of comparing cost estimates as fast as possible. Glowbl has understood that problem by offering a room to meet online with your friends and upload your quotes directly on a LiveStage. A large number of documents can be added to the list by using the Doc Reader application and one after the other, all travelers can present their quotes and the advantages and discuss afterwards in real time per video conference or chat. Remember that you can also illustrate your propositions by sharing pictures that you import from Instagram, Facebook or Google+.

Travel-Budget-Blog-InsideNo need to meet physically and spread out all ideas on a big table, the vacation or road trip between friends can be organized efficiently, fast and without losing time for paperwork.

Don’t wait any longer, create a LiveStage to upload your quotes in Word or PDF format or even in Excel from your computer or a Dropbox.

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