Share your Christmas decoration ideas!

Which theme to choose for your Christmas tree this year? How to do a crown for your front door? How to make a DIY garland of small Santas? Everything’s possible! Just meet on your LiveStage to share your tutorials and tips!

Exchange your decoration ideas

Sapin_ensemble_cover-sans_logoYou can feel the excitement…Your favorite brands are covered in gold and silver and your social networks are full of beautiful Christmas pictures. There is no other time of the year that Internet users show that much creativity. They create candles, bells, Advent calendars…Everyone wants to dream and share the posts they like. So, do the same! Synchronize your social networks online with Glowbl and import all pictures you liked on Instagram or Facebook. React, find inspiration with your friends and give your opinion.

Create interactive tutorials

For fans of DIY, get creative and organize your own small event, open for public or reserved for your closest friends. Show your know how in the center of the LiveStage thanks to the Spotlight feature and share your decoration ideas with your audience. You can also share YouTube videos to illustrate your words and respond in realtime to questions asked per chat or video conference.

Create your LiveStage now and invite your community to join!

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