Video tutorial: tips for a shared music experience on Glowbl (5/5)

You think without you and your friends being in the same city you can’t enjoy your favorite songs together? Don’t worry, you won’t carpool to a concert hall, stand 4 hours in a queue to be in front of the stage and spend all your savings to buy the concert ticket. Glowbl allows you to enjoy without the inconveniences.

On a LiveStage you can share a musical moment with your friends as if you’d be together in a room. Moreover, you choose who you want to invite per mail or via social network and above all, you share the songs that you prefer. Everyone participates by adding music he wants to hear to the playlist, more collaborative than ever!

A must on Glowbl: You can synchronize your Glowbl account with your SoundCloud, Deezer or YouTube accounts, and you can add your personal music, compilations and favorite tracks in no time. Everyone is hearing the playlist in the same time, can add songs and react to it.

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Now it’s your turn! Get started and create a collaborative playlist with your friends! Our tutorial “Have a shared music experience” will guide you.


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