Innovate in 2017 by wishing Happy New Year online and live

Each year, sending New Year’s greetings is the ritual not to be missed. And each year, companies try to be original with an electronic card to partners, a big ceremony for the most faithful customers or some gifts given to the employees. In 2017, Glowbl allows you to turn the tradition into an innovative live event, free of charge and easy to access by an unlimited number of people.

Extend wishes online to EVERYBODY

The greeting card, whether it’s paper or electronic, that’s good. Greetings with the Epiphany cake, that’s good too. But these rituals don’t fit all the situations: are you teams based in different locations? Do you have  more than one customer? Do you have more than one partner or one supplier? Can’t you afford or aren’t you too traditional to rent a large meeting room to gather everyone? Do you want to save money on printing and delivery costs for your cards?

Well, organize your greetings ceremony live and online. Even let your collaborators speak if they want to. That’s a great opportunity to federate your teams and invite your customers to an innovative event.


5 good reasons to say Happy New Year on Glowbl

1 – Just like you decorate a room for a ceremony, you customize your LiveStage according the brand identity of your company: import your logo, your background etc… to have the same look as your website. Besides, you give the URL access the name you want.

2 – You can send your greetings to as much simultaneous people as you want: 5, 50, 500, 5 000, 50,000… employees, customers, partners, suppliers… They are just one click away from your online ceremony.

3 – Your live event is easily accessible to your guests and target audience: they won’t have any software to set up. One click on the URL will be enough to attend your online speech, without any time limitation. The access is entirely free of charge, which is an additional reason to invite as much people as you want.

4 – If you want to extend your experience, allow your collaborators to speak or create a duplex with other offices. Try also to organize a Q&As session by chat, that’s totally possible with Glowbl’s features.

5 – Unlimited greetings at an economic price: yes, it’s possible! If you choose to make them public, accessible to anyone who clicks on the URL, then your event is entirely free, even with 10,000 connected people. If you prefer to limit the access to a list of emails, then you will just be charged according to the maximum number of people connected at the same time. But if you subscribe to the no-commitment Enterprise offer, it would cost only cost 5€ free in total…

Why not innovating this year with live online greetings?

Try and create your online meeting room open to everyone or private and exclusively dedicated to a guest list. Then, share the URL with them, turn on the webcam and microphone and say Happy New Year to everyone who’s online!

Feel free to contact us for more information or a free demo!

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