Job interviews: Smile, you are online!

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Clammy handshakes and uncomfortable chairs can stay away! Companies are now searching for new ways to select their candidates; and in the digital age, video conference platforms represent a good alternative when it comes to replacing the traditional job interview.

The future belongs to those who connect early

EntretienEnLigneIndeed, thanks to globalization companies receive more and more CVs from the other end of the country or even the world. This makes it necessary for HR recruiters to find new solutions to get to know those candidates without making them travel hundreds of kilometers. Online interviews are time-saving, efficient and cost-effective. Already popular in America, they are now getting attractive worldwide as they allow everyone to interact like in real life simply by connecting their webcam. You could almost feel thrown back to the age of online chatting but this time with your potential future boss/employee on the other side of the monitor.

Get the job of your dreams while being at home

It is a natural evolution of the business world: companies today have perfectly assimilated their logic to the development of the NICT, especially through the omnipresence of brands on social networks and the use of video conference for virtual meetings. Candidates for their part increasingly share their CVs online and do networking thanks to LinkedIn. Thus, it was only a matter of time before realtime streaming would become a part of the employees’ lives, even before their first day of work.

In addition to being a simple and economical way to select candidates, the solution increases the chances for atypical profiles to get job interviews. Moreover, several managers can participate easily in the interview, making the choice less subjective in the end.

It is judicious to claim that this recruitment method will soon be essential in the business world, a time when individuals exchange instantly on the labour market.


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