Live tweet is the essential weapon to promote your event

Live tweeting has become the central element of brand communication. First made popular by TV channels to promote their programs live it is now unavoidable for every kind of company. Discover across this article why and how to set up a live tweet on Glowbl efficiently.

Federate your community and create engagement

Twitter has become THE social network to engage the public during a live event thanks to the live tweet functionality. Live tweeting allows people who can’t attend the physical, hybrid or virtual event to follow and participate. Indeed, those participants who are far can take part and ask their questions via live tweet. This can be beneficial for your brand as you can gain followers who match your target. Potential customers, collaborators, future clients, it’s a good way to reach people and to make them interact and participate in your events.

Network more easily

hashtags-signs-blogLive tweeting helps to promote an event and to increase your network more easily. By making a live tweet you improve the visibility of your Twitter account and you are therefore more visible for those people interested in related topics. Thus, those people are potentially in your target group which makes it easy for you to get in touch with them and find networking opportunities; your e-reputation will grow stronger. 

Measure your audience

Thanks to the live tweet you can measure the scope of your event. You can get an overview of the number of tweets that your event has generated. You can also judge their quality thanks to the popular hashtags.


Now that we’ve revealed the advantages of creating a live tweet, discover the key steps how to set it up efficiently for a hybrid or virtual event on Glowbl.

-Choose your moderators before the eventLive-tweet

During your event on Glowbl, the live tweet will be managed by one or more moderators who you define in advance. Those will be able to interact with the tweets by choosing the most relevant questions thanks to the Highlight feature and animating and following the moderation of the Twitter thread on your Glowbl LiveStage. Indeed, by synchronizing a Twitter account with the Glowbl account, the moderator will be able to manage the live tweets without even leaving Glowbl as publications will be directly sent by integrating the predefined hashtag.

-Choose the right hashtag!

The hashtag is the determinant element of your event. It will regroup all tweets connected to it to avoid scattering. A good hashtag is unique, easy, short and clear. Once defined, don’t hesitate to announce it so that people can remember it. Tip: choose a hashtag that is not too specific not to remain unnoticed. With a more general hashtag you can catch tweets that initially were not dedicated to your event.

-Communicate the URL of your LiveStage and apromote your live tweet

Tons of information flow together on Twitter. To be sure that the users don’t miss your event, announce your live tweet in advance, several times. You can use visual teasers, countdowns, print supports, everything is possible to draw attention on your live tweet. Don’t hesitate to share the information on other social networks while repeating your hashtag and diffusing your LiveStage’s URL. The URL can be communicated in advance so that interested people can visit the LiveStage before and can create a Glowbl account to be ready to interact live.

-Interact with your audience

Take time to respond to the users’ questions or ask questions to people who tweet with the hashtag of your event. Mention the speakers of your event to improve the engagement. In addition, all participants who tweet with the predefined hashtag don’t need to leave the LiveStage, as all tweets will be directly sent to Twitter. The other way around, when a tweet on Twitter contains the predefined hashtag, it will appear on the thread on your LiveStage.

-Measure your impact

After your event you can measure your audience thanks to online tools that allow to evaluate your statistics on Twitter. Moreover, you can observe your Twitter thread on your LiveStage to list the tweets.

That’s it! Now you know everything about the importance and the way to manage a live tweet to promote your events. With Glowbl you can engage your Twitter community and seduce new people thanks to the live tweet.

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