Roles and rights of participants: The key for a successful online conference

To organize a virtual event and engage the public is an art and should not be taken lightly. To make your online conference, webinar or online training a success, make sure to create a scenario and to allocate rights to each participant: speaker rights during a video conference, interactivity, being able to share contents…

Why is it important to allocate rights to the participants of an online event?

droitsetroles_oct2016_vignetteTo organize a successful online conference, it is not only recommendable to create a scenario but also to anticipate every intervention of your guests to avoid any chaos. Of course you cannot predict everything but you will have to organize your conference, webinar or training to guarantee qualitative discussions without interruptions. To do so, you need to define roles so that every participant benefits from specific rights.

Allocate roles on Glowbl

You can give different roles to the participants of your online event, no matter if it is public or private:

-Speakers: They can activate their webcam and microphone to be seen and heard by everyone. They are in the center of the attention, represented by a big Bubble, and can also act like Moderators.

-Moderators: Those are animators and community managers. They upload, share and broadcast their contents. They animate the chat as well as the live tweet by choosing the best messages with the Highlight function. They can also exclude participants.

-Administrators: The creator of a LiveStage is automatically an Administrator. He defines other Administrators and the design of the LiveStage.


All the other participants who connect on the LiveStage are Active visitors, if they signed in on Glowbl. They can follow the discussions in real time and can talk via private or public chat. Anonymous visitors didn’t sign up on Glowbl: they can’t personalize their identity and can’t interact with other participants.  

How to configure the rights on your LiveStage?

When you create your LiveStage, choose the Be On Stage mode dedicated to online events (or if it fits your needs, the Get Together is perfect to create an online meeting room where all participants have the same rights: Speaker and Moderator rights). The steps help you to allocate roles and rights to the participants by entering their email addresses or by choosing them among your contacts.

Those steps are optional; you can skip them and choose to configure them once you’re connected on your LiveStage. On the menu, you’ll only have to click on “Manage this LiveStage” and allocate Administrator, Speaker and Moderator rights to the participants of your choice. Please note that also Active visitors can be made Speakers by an Administrator to talk for some time.

Now it’s your turn to create your own LiveStage Be On Stage!

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