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Glowbl  is partner of the French Digital Council to set live appointements during the event 

The French Digital Council – Le Conseil national du numérique (CNNum) –  is opening the national digital consultation at NUMA, the coworking space for digital entrepreneurs (it refers to all things digital, « numérique » in French) on October, 4th – 9.30 am (CET)

The French Digital Council is an independent advisory commission issuing independent opinions and recommendations on any question relating to the impact of digital technologies on economy and society. The Council organises public consultations at both local and national level on a regular basis, and is in constant contact with France’s digital ecosystem, including elected officials, members of civil society, researchers, digital experts, entrepreneurs and professional organizations.

The launch event will be an opportunity to present in more details the purpose and process of the consultation. It will give voice to the players belonging to the ecosystem by sharing about “Crossing Viewpoints” on the major themes of the consultation. This will mark the official launch of the consultation and presentation of the platform: « ». In this context, Glowbl joins the French Digital Council to broadcast the event in live, giving it a participative and social dimension on

Glowbl will participate to the consultation by setting a bunch of appointments, online and during in the contributive days to animate the phase of reflection and participation.


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