By participating in SxSW festival at Austin, Glowbl strengthens its position in the music industry

Lyon (France), March 17th, 2015 When music and social media meet to create collaborative events… Initially, Glowbl was created to bring audience and musicians for concerts or other artistic events together, to make an easy and comfortable meeting possible. Thus, music plays a big role and is incorporated into Glowbl’s DNA since the beginning.

Taking this into consideration, Glowbl has developed specific uses for the music business: interactive interviews, questions and answers in real time, album publications, competitions, live broadcasting of concerts… the platform Glowbl gives the opportunity to create customized events in a few clicks, to invite as many fans as you want via social networks, interact directly per video conference or chat and share every type of content, e.g. videos, music or photos thanks to the collaborative application store (YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, Instagram, Facebook albums…). Glowbl offers to artists at SxSW the possibility to present their work on their webpage.

Interactive promotion and online artists


2015 depicts a turning point for the French startup that multiplies events with people from the world of music. Starting with music agency MN2S that uses Glowbl to give an interactive dimension to demos, showcases and interviews. Ansome set the ball rolling on the 27th February by gathering 250 people simultaneously on Glowbl. For more than one hour, the British music producer switched between his work, presentations and questions and answers with his very active public per chat and social networks via dedicated hashtag. Marshall Jefferson, godfather of house music, followed his footsteps a few days later to have a nice moment with his fans. Based in London, MN2S is a big international artistic agency, but also distributor and a music label. Its teams work in more than a hundred countries and support numerous celebrities, DJs, music acts, producers and independent labels. Glowbl is a supplementary tool to make events unique and to offer a more social and participative experience to both artists and their fans.

Historical partnership with Rider Radio

This partnership is the outcome of a collaboration set up a long time ago with webradio Rider Radio to create a virtual interactive to present exclusive live sessions and give listeners the opportunity to propose personal and unpublished hits. More recently, Glowbl sealed a partnership with contemporary Radio Marais based in Paris, allowing the station to connect for two, three or more emissions per day, e.g. music performances, artistic performances or talk shows, to give their urban and international audience easy access.

Electro music professionals on Glowbl

Logo-TechnopolThe music world never sleeps…as Technopol, association for electronic music culture services, that also organizes the Techno Parade in Paris and Le Fair, first support device for starting a career and becoming a professional musician, chose Glowbl to broadcast trainings and create interactive conferences and debates. The assistance is 100% professional.


Development in the US

At SxSW, a giant in the music industry, from 19 to 21 of March in Austin, Glowbl will present their solutions for the first time in history directly to artists. The French startup represents a model for the French entrepreneurship that establishes in the US, precisely Silicon Valley and develops on every continent.

A part of our French and American team will be on booth n° 626 in exhibition hall 5 of the Austin Convention Center.



Glowbl develops cloud-based solutions to communicate and collaborate in real time. With over 60,000 users, the platform is increasingly successful toward users who find a powerful and easy-to-use tool to organize meetings in virtual places in one click to collaborate, talk and tweet. Free in its basic version, Glowbl simply integrates with all applications, web services and social networks. Glowbl offers innovative digital group experience: this is the first platform allowing unlimited number of users and interactions in real time. The company is based in Lyon (France).

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