Girls in Tech picks Glowbl as partner to digitalize their event with Babbler, Facebook and MinuteBuzz

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The conference that will have the “Impact of new technologies on PR” as topic will be live broadcasted on the 12th of May on a public and interactive Glowbl LiveStage.

To bring their mission of encouraging female tech entrepreneurship forward, the Girls in Tech association organizes regularly events that are targeted on their 7,500 members in the whole world to increase the number of women aiming for a career in the technology industry in order to obtain a mix in the traditionally male dominated domain.

The Pagit paris newris branch will hold the event on Tuesday, 12th of May by organizing a conference with the topic “The impact of new technologies on PR”. It will be mixed as they will not only fill the BETC in Paris premises but also broadcast a livestream of the event on their dedicated Glowbl LiveStage. In one click, everyone will have free access to an online exchange spot and will be able to follow speeches in real time, share their ideas and impressions live on Twitter and invite their own contacts via social networks.

To debate and explore opportunities that social networks offer to traditional PR, female experts of the industry will express their opinions on the LiveStage:

  • Hannah Oiknine and Sarah Azan, Co-founders of Bubbler
  • Michelle Gilbert, PR & Communication Director and of Facebook in France
  • Laure Lefèvre, Co-founder of MinuteBuzz

Moreover, the session will be presented by Delphine Sabattier, Editorial Director of 01Net.

By opening their platform which is 100% connected with social networks, Glowbl takes part in the transition that public and press relations go through. Its tools integrate the concept of intelligent information broadcasting that consists in engaging its audience to a greater extent and in offering them  more attractive supports, composed of live streams, videos, photos and music, directly imported from collaborative applications like YouTube, Instagram, Deezer or Facebook. Glowbl regularly welcomes press conferences and interviews in order to promote big events, highlight celebrities and open the dialogue between stars and their fans.

The Girls in Tech event will take place on Tuesday, 12th of May 2015 at 7:30pm and will be available on Glowbl by clicking on:


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