Glowbl reinvents online meetings by launching its unlimited monthly subscription offer, without commitment and 100% online

The collaborative video conference platform for sharing contents in real time presents its business offer in SaaS mode. Like this, collaborators of SMEs and VSEs can easily dispose of their own virtual meeting rooms in a flexible and immediate manner and for a low price.

Lyon, October 24th, 2016 – The company based in Lyon, France, announces the launch of an innovating solution that is dedicated to small and mid-sized companies to facilitate video conferences, share professional contents in real time and collaborate around those. The business offer includes unlimited service to create customized and permanent online meeting rooms in one click while controlling the expenses thanks to a monthly subscription. The intuitive and engaging interface stimulates a quick adaptation by the teams.


“Offer virtual meeting rooms to all your collaborators”

Every kind of company can offer its teams the possibility to create permanent online spaces in one click, to connect directly or at a later time. The company itself can predefine the parameterization of the so-called LiveStages to reflect the company’s graphic design.

Every collaborator is authorized to create as many online spaces as he wants, without any restrictions. Like this, they can invite easily an unlimited number of colleagues or partners, internal or external, for team meetings, workshops, job interviews, demos or commercial negotiations.

Every online space has an own customizable URL and is usable without any time or usage restrictions. Once the participants are connected, they can interact via video conference and chat and share contents in real time: screens, documents and files or even YouTube videos and pictures.


The response for SMEs and VSEs seeking for flexibility and cost reduction

With its entirely online offer via PC, mobile phone and tablet, Glowbl competes with video conference giants among structures that privilege ergonomic and intuitive solutions that don’t need any technical deployment, neither trainings for the teams. Those companies don’t necessarily need a dedicated IT department but can initiate the digital transformation on their own thanks to Glowbl.

Glowbl chose to offer a monthly subscription without commitment for a price of € 4.90 (VAT excluded) per collaborator, disregarding degressivity. Clients don’t have to worry about supplementary charges related to meeting mode, consumption or the number of participants. There are no fees for guests, no matter if they are intern or extern of the organization.

SMEs and VSEs can respond to employee’s needs of having flexible solutions to collaborate with clients, partners or colleagues, without installing a software or subscribe any offer, helping to reduce fees and time.


Glowbl: solutions for every kind of company

Glowbl develops three main lines to respond to real time collaboration needs:

The commercial development team for companies supports you to deploy customized services. For example, Allianz France, worldwide leader for insurances, has chosen Glowbl for its 10 000 employees to communicate internally and externally. France Université Numerique (FUN) also chose Glowbl to develop its interactive MOOCs in real time.

Tailored offers to create online meetings, trainings or events, public and for free or private, paid with online credits

-The Business offer is entirely accessible online to create virtual unlimited and customized meeting rooms with a monthly subscription without commitment

Laurent Souloumiac, CEO of Glowbl, concludes:  “Glowbl aims to revolutionize online meetings for SMEs and VSEs that can have multiple sites or often change location, work with freelancers and external providers or just encourage remote work. With the business offer, we want to offer a flexible system, easily deployable for all teams, no matter where they are. To promote online collaboration in real time, our solution relies on video conference and the sharing of contents to gain in agility and productivity at competitive prices.


About Glowbl

Glowbl is a French startup, founded in 2011. The company offers communication and collaboration solutions in real time and is cloud based. With more than 60 000 users, the platform meets increasing success with people who find in Glowbl a powerful tool which is easy to use for organizing online meetings in web and with people who are far. Free in its basic version, Glowbl integrates simply with all apps, web services and social networks. The company is based in Lyon.


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