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This year the collaborative economy is being discussed on Glowbl, a digital tool in its image. From the 20 to 22 of May, the program of the first European event dedicated to the collaborative economy will take place in Paris and will take a digital and participative dimension.

LOGO_OUISHARE_FEST_2015-RGB-webOn the occasion of the third edition of OuiShare Fest, more than a thousand visionaries of the collaborative industry coming from the entire world will meet at Cabaret Sauvage in Paris to co-create, meet, learn, discover and start new projects and collaborations. And for the first time in history, the OuiShare community will be able to come together with a massive number of people connected on Glowbl.

For three days, a livestream device will allow to follow live a general view of exchanges between the public as well as of all principal interventions. The English speeches will be translated into French and presentations will be downloadable by clicking a link directly on the LiveStage (the place where the event will be broadcasted) in the end of every session. While the climate proposed by that big mass of the sharing industry is particularly aimed at networking, the proposed formats are various: conferences, question-answer sessions, speeches, workshops…all that under the topic of collaborative consumption, crowdfunding, makers and fablabs or the horizontal governance.

Additionally of being part of the online public, everyone can participate in the debates in real time, ask questions and react on social networks. A tweet wall will be installed at the physical place in addition to a projection of the questions that were asked on Glowbl chat to strengthen the link between Internet users and participants. In one click, like in real life, each connected person can approach their neighbors, look at their social networks profiles and add them to his contacts. Besides, connected people of the OuiShare community will play the role of the community managers in French, English, Spanish, German and Italian.

During the festivities, the OuiShare Awards ceremony will reward initiatives of the collaborative economy. Project leaders who cannot be present will be able to pitch on Glowbl in duplex. Already before the festival, Glowbl has opened its platform for an online webinar with Brazilian business woman Alessandra Orofino. This first step had allowed starting the debates between OuiShare community members and promoting the annual meeting.

Glowbl offers a new web experience by giving the possibility to exchange knowledge constructively, in the same way as people would do in real life. Users can interact with the content that is presented as they can respond in real time thanks to video conference, by public messages or private exchanges. The sharing of knowledge can thus take a viral and global dimension thanks to the synchronization of the interface with numerous social networks. Glowbl welcomes regularly MOOCs and school group works supporting co-creation between students.

Link to Access the livestream of OuiShare Fest 2015: www.glowbl.com/OuiShareFestWelcome

(Direct Access to both Circus and Studio areas)
Full program for Circus and Studio areas: http://2015.ouisharefest.com/program


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