OuiShare Fest 2016: Accessible online program for free on Glowbl

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For the second year Glowbl has been chosen as partner of the OuiShare Fest, the first European event dedicated to the collaborative economy. From the 18 to 21 of May, this major event will propose a retransmission of the main part of its program on Glowbl, live from the Cabaret Sauvage in Paris. Like this, the audience can follow internationally renowned speakers for free in order to give more resonance to the festival.



On the occasion of the fourth edition of OuiShare Fest almost 2 000 innovators from the entire world are expected to meet at Cabaret Sauvage in Paris in order to learn, discover and launch new discussions in the vast area of collaborative economy. For the second time Glowbl has the honor to be partner of the event organized by the OuiShare association which has the ambition to be a place for encounters and discussions around collaborative emergences. Thanks to the digitization device the whole community will be able to meet on Glowbl.

For three days, closed for the public, a livestream device will make people able to follow the program in live that emphasizes the emergences of the entire world through 200 speakers and experts from 50 different nationalities. The two main halls, Circus and Studio, will be accessible for free via a dedicated public LiveStage. A part of the speeches will be translated from English to French. The 4th day, which is open for the public, will also be broadcasted live.

The OuiShare Fest program, organized by an international team of curators about the topic “Exploring the edges – After the Gold Rush”,  is particularly rich this year, from the future of work to civic tech, from blockchain to sharing cities, from the transformation of organizations to the search for meaning. Thomas Olivier (Manager for collaborative economy and practices at MAIF), Sébastien Bazin (CEO of Accor Hotels), Marc-David Choukroun (CEO of La Ruche Qui Dit Oui), but also Mara Balestrini (Ideas for Change), Patrick Robinson (Airbnb) and the authors Daniel Pinchbek and Nilofer Merchant will be speakers on Glowbl.

In addition to being part of the online audience, everyone can get in touch with other participants as if they were on site. The users are represented by a bubble which is synchronized with the user’s professional and personal social networks. It is also possible to react per chat and tweet directly from the LiveStage; the hashtag of the event #OSFEST16 will be included automatically.

CaptureAs last year, the Fest has been opened on Glowbl with a webinar about the empowerment of women thanks to new media and innovative technologies, animated in particular by Aline Mayard. Already in 2015, Brazilian business woman Alessandra Orofino had taken the word several days before the festival to gather the OuiShare community. Last year’s edition  welcomed nearly 8 000 participants who were connected from Europe, USA or even Brazil on Glowbl to follow different debates, keynotes, workshops and conferences.

Links to follow the OuiShare Fest 2016 livestream:

Direct access to conferences in the Circus Hall: http://www.glowbl.com/OuiShareFestCircus

Direct access to conferences in the Studio Hall: http://www.glowbl.com/OuiShareFestStudio

(It is possible to switch between the two halls)

Full program of the halls: http://2016.ouisharefest.com/program

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