Y. El Manouar, Marketing Director of Big Data Paris trade show “With Glowbl we had a new way to communicate”

May 14, 2014 – Since 2011, the french start-up Glowbl develops cloud-based solutions for real-time communication and collaboration offering users virtual places to meet, collaborate, talk, socialize and twitt. For the second year in a row, Glowbl was partner of the 2014 edition of the Big Data Paris trade show , recognized as a “key IT event in France, unveiling strong market trends.”

In this context, thirty webinars were proposed tbigdatalogoo the French Big Data community with stakeholders from companies such as HP, Intel, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Talend, SAP, Dell … More than 1200 people were connected to 8 sessions. Over one third identified themselves to ease networking, meeting and ask any questions they wanted to the speakers. Yassine El Manouard, discusses the use of these new tools.
“We started the first edition of our show in 2012. At that time, nobody even talked about Big Data, and a very few professionals knew what it was. The concept was still unknown to the public and therefore, we had to make a huge work of evangelization, not only as an organizer of the exhibition, but also as a spokesperson of the event.

For the first edition of the congress, we gathered over 700 professionals around thirty exhibitors and 2 days of conferences. This was very encouraging for a first edition on such a topic. Therefore we were challenged to do even better for the next sessions, especially in terms of renown!

It has now been two years we wok with Glowbl and the collaborative platform has enabled us to make a strong buzz around Big Data, before and during the event. In 2013, the platform was still unequaled at the time and totally in synch with the image of our business positionning, using itself a Big Data technology.
For the 2014 edition, we organized more than 40 webinars over two months before the event, every Tuesday afternoon thanks to the help of Glowbl and its skilled team. Four to five different companies attended our sessions each time, our audience was qualified and always there to participate to our appointments. The quality and the form of webinars allowed us to leverage awareness of the show.

It also allowed us to deliver relevant information to our audience via a channel coming out of the box, encouraging exchange and interaction between our audience and our partners.
Glowbl’s team was very attentive and responsive in resolving issues and technical problems. Their graphic skills and training helped us to galvanize our sessions. Workload was huge to set the webinars, this challenge has been greatly increased.
To conclude, I would say that Glowbl is a powerful tool available for professionals who wish to have more interaction to communicate with their audience and encourage direct dialogue which creates a confident atmosphere. The solution is also suitable for all requirements (internal and external).
Glowbl, the new social platform

Glowbl develops cloud-based solutions to communicate and collaborate in real-time. With over 60,000 users, the platform is increasingly successful toward users who find a powerful and easy to use tool to organize real time meetings on the web. Free in its basic version, Glowbl simply integrates with all applications, web services and social networks. The company is based in Lyon (France).
Glowbl offers innovative digital group experience: this is the first platform allowing unlimited number of users and interactions in real time. Whether you belong to a community of ten or ten thousand people, Glowbl offers virtual locations in one click to meet, collaborate, talk and tweet.

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