Business School ESDES chooses Glowbl for their online courses

As part of a partnership with the management school of the Catholic University in Lyon (ESDES) established a few months ago, Glowbl organized user sessions for students and teachers in the context of ESDES online courses. An innovating experience for students in the 1st and 4th years.



It was the Digital Marketing Department of the establishment that wished innovation and therefore organized a first session in the beginning of the school year and a second one in 3rd trimester in order to benefit from the intervention in form of trainings and lectures of foreign teachers or professors who are travelling. The new device is making distance online learning in real time possible through a LiveStage, a virtual space to meet and exchange.


Esdes_coverIn total, 120 students have lived the experience Glowbl for work with a teacher, tutorial sessions or conferences 100% in English. The interface makes meetings in big groups possible while testing an entertaining way to do multimedia courses. Directly from home, from the library or the computer room (with a video projection in this case), the students welcomed Glowbl with enthusiasm as the platform gives them the possibility to interact like in real life thanks to numerous functionalities.

The involved tutors are convinced by the approach. One of them pointed out that “the platform is very innovating […] this kind of teaching has high potential, especially considering the objective of the internationalization of courses”.

Thanks to tools that encourage interactivity between students and teachers, Glowbl offers effectively a training experience that prepares future graduates for the professional world increasingly digital and nomadic.


The experience ESDES – Glowbl in a few figures from students’ point of view:

  • 90 % experienced e-learning for the first time
  • 96 % express a positive feeling
  • 87 % in favor of repeating the experience
  • 75 % in favor that lectures are broadcasted on Glowbl  

Discover the interactive MOOCs and SPOCs on Glowbl.

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