Glowbl pitches in Paris City Hall

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On the occasion of Hacking the City Hall on the 20th of May, our team had the opportunity to enhance its project with 49 other startups in the Council Chamber of Paris in front of a hundred investors and international media.

Hacking_logoAnne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, initiated the event that was organized by Paris&Co, agency for economic development and innovation in Paris. Its aim is to promote innovation and employment along with today’s and tomorrow’s enterpreneurs. Due to the fact that all speeches were held in English and a part of the program was broadcasted live on a dedicated portal, the event had international scope.

Among the four highlights of the day, Glowbl has been selected for the Startup Pitch Council, coorganized with 50 Partners, an exceptional pitch of 50 startups. It was a significant moment for our team who was able to enhance its projects and development strategy in front of potential investors. Glowbl underlined in particular its competitive advantage: Giving a collaborative dimension to no matter which web service to interact in real time.

Hacking_hoteldeville_julienGlowbl is regularly welcomed to pitch as an innovative startup, in France as well as abroad, especially in the US where Glowbl has a representation office since September 2014. Events like those give investors the opportunity to exchange with our team and have a better strategic insight of our company.

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