5 tips to use Glowbl for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations

Christmas trees have invaded the entrance halls of companies and your living rooms and you love it! We love it too and therefore give you 5 ideas to collaborate online around the Christmas theme: red and gold branding, creative workshops, online greetings to people…Come and see what you can do!

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1. Give your LiveStage a Christmas look

All your online spaces are customizable. Choose a red background during the creation of your LiveStage or pimp your logo with a Christmas hat on it!


For your LiveStages that have already been created, just click on Administration and proceed to the modifications that inspire you.

Perfect for your online events: feel the magic of Christmas even during your meetings.

2. Prepare New Year’s online speech to your teams, clients and partners!

Glowbl has one particularity: you can address your messages to a massive public. Indeed, the number of simultaneously connected participants is unlimited, which allows for everyone all over the world, if friends or colleagues, to connect and for you to deliver New Year’s wishes or any other important message you want to share.

The solution to save time and money!

3. You have a last-minute meeting? No worries!

It’s not always easy to completely disconnect from work. A quick glance on your mails here, a tweet there…to have responsibilities can oblige you to assist a meeting in the middle of your vacation. It would be a shame to cancel your whole trip just for one meeting!

You can connect from no matter which device to join an online meeting on Glowbl and interact in real time.

4. Talk to your family and friends

One click and there you go! Why shouldn’t you be able to enjoy your family just because you’re on the other side of the world? We love to spend the Christmas days with our beloved ones. No need to leave behind those who live far!

You connect in one click: you can show your webcam in big to let the others admire every new wrinkle on your face, or share pictures to visualize your stories, from home or during lunch break at work.

5. Share your DIY ideas during creative and collaborative workshops

Unleash your creativity with people who share your passions, from cooking to knitting until drawing! It’s fashion to do it yourself but in collaborative mode.

No need to face the cold to meet around a table: the LiveStage is your virtual place to discuss and share pictures from your social networks or YouTube videos. Everyone can present their ideas in real time.

Don’t wait any longer, give it a try and create your LiveStage!

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