Take your first steps on Glowbl: Video tutorial (1/5)

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One minute and 18 seconds…Just 78 seconds you’ll have to take to understand, step by step, how to use Glowbl and to see how easy it is to use the online platform. 78 seconds are short and that’s all it takes to know how to do. That’s totally worth it!

Tuto1Glowbl gives you the opportunity to meet your contacts on a LiveStage, the place for your professional or personal meetings or for an event that you’re organizing. After you’ve created your account, you are able to personalize your LiveStage according to your taste and invite who you want, as if you were at home or leading a conference center. But instead of sending invitations by letter, you can invite your friends per mail or via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Yammer.

Once everyone got online, you’ll have the impression of being literally surrounded by your friends. These are represented by bubbles with their picture and their name in it. You can move your bubble, send public messages, approach to whoever you want and talk to them in private chat. Even better – the video conference is at your service to discuss face to face.

Discover our tutorial “First steps on Glowbl” and visit our site to create your own LiveStage!


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