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Since this summer our team has been offering on a regular basis interactive webinars to present Glowbl, its features and its unique assets. There are sessions in English and French. You just need to sign up, it’s for free!

After the French now come the English demos

Additionally to the successful webinars that were held regularly in French, we have decided to launch a series of similar sessions in English: for our foreign users and clients but also for all those who would like to discover our interface, alone or with other people.

Interactive webinars to try out Glowbl

Completely free and accessible in one click, these webinars do not exceed 30 minutes and deal with the most essential: available tools, possible use cases and to discover the innovation of Glowbl that consists in representing online interactions of the real life.

This means: seeing the connected group, having the feeling of being together; you can whisper, talk in small groups, choose where you want to move your Bubble, interact with the content and all that in real time… So many details that make your online meetings, remote trainings or webinars more engaging, more interesting and thus more efficient.

To join a webinar

During the demonstrations everyone has the opportunity to try Glowbl (if they want to): sharing contents, interacting via private or public chat, talking via videoconference…

Several dates are available, choose the best one for you:

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