Recording: keep track of your trainings, webinars and all interactions of your events

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Many of you have waited for it, here it is: the recording feature on Glowbl. More than just a simple record of a speech, you’ll register all Bubble interactions, interventions of the public and shared contents.

Enjoy a post-event communication tool

You make a huge effort organizing online trainings, webinars or innovative and participative external communications. This is exactly what your public is looking for to be able to interact and get the most of your live sessions.

On Glowbl we differentiate by representing online the interactions of the real life: seeing the group, approaching participants, whispering and talking in small groups, appreciating the reactions,…

When you record a training session or an online conference, you keep all those specificities and possess a rich portfolio that is passionate to look at and to share with others. Enhance the efforts you have done to promote your company, your products and your news on the long term – for your teams, partners and clients.

Enregistrement_vignette_250917Benefit from the recording feature in a beta test version before anyone else

To activate the option on one or several LiveStages, please send us a message at – Our team will guide you to organize your participative event that will be entirely recorded.

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